Competitive Training

Transition Pathway

Our Transition Pathway focuses on players who are either transitioning into yellow balls and/or aspiring to become competitive tournament players. While further emphasizing fundamentals, work ethic, overall ball control, players will learn the necessary skills needed to be able to successfully be introduced to local and sectional competition.

High-Performance Pathway

Our High-Performance Pathway follows the USTA Player Development coaching philosophy and concepts that are instrumental in long-term development of outstanding players. Our goal is to help players develop tournament mentality backed by solid parameters, fitness, and strategic thinking. By providing an environment conducive to personal excellence and a progression-based teaching methodology, our program focuses on developing and attracting serious junior tournament players with high aspirations, such as college tennis and beyond. If you would like additional information about our High-Performance Pathway, including try-outs/evaluations requests, please contact our Head Pro Joao Pinho at

Transition Pathway

Feed the Feeder (Ages: 9-12)

Academy Teens (Ages: 13-17)

Academy Teens Plus (Ages: 13-17)

Feed the Feeder (Ages: 9-12)

For players who are developing a strong foundation and showing the commitment needed to become a competitive tournament player. At this stage, players are transitioning into yellow balls and competing on a regular basis. Use of green and yellow balls. Racquet size: 26-27 inches. Class length: 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

Academy Teens (Ages: 13-17)

For competitive players who still need some fundamental work in order to progress to higher levels. This class will place additional emphasis on shot tolerance and developing a stronger physical threshold. Players are expected to demonstrate an outstanding work ethic and respect towards fellow students and Coaches. Players should participate in local tournaments, and Match Play. Racquet size: 27 inches. Class length: 90 or 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

Academy Teens Plus (Ages: 13-17)

Players have further developed their consistency and overall technical capabilities. Emphasis on patterns of play and further improving weapons. Players are expected to participate in Match Play as well as local and Section level tournaments. Racquet size: 27 inches. Class length: 90 or 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

High-Performance Pathway

Feed the Feeder Plus



Feed the Feeder Plus (Ages: 10-13)

Players have a sound technical base overall and are able to sustain focus and intensity consistently. Additional emphasis is placed on building a strong work ethic and resilience. At this stage, players are competing in local and section tournaments. Use yellow balls and green balls, as needed. Racquet size: 26-27 inches. Class length: 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

Feeder * (Ages: 10-16)

For highly competitive players who are excelling with fundamentals and trainability. This program is designed for serious players who are trying to make into our Elite level. These players train multiple times a week, maintain a robust tournament schedule and are serious contenders at high-level Sectional events. Feeder participants are part of our NTC Competition Team and aspire to play at the collegiate level. Class length: 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

*FEEDER PLAYERS: If you have not received a notification from our Head Pro, Joao Pinho, stating your placement (day assignment) for the Feeder classes, please contact him, at, prior to signing up. Failure to comply with the assigned days will result in potential admin fees as your days will be changed.

Elite (Ages: 12-18)

Players show a total commitment to personal excellence and are already excelling at the Sectional level and are strong competitors at the National level. Elite participants are part of our NTC Competition Team and have aspirations to play at competitive NCAA Division I programs and beyond. Class length: 120 minutes on-court and 30 minutes off-court (strength and conditioning).

Our Tennis Programs:

Fall - Thursday, 9/19/2019 - Sunday, 1/19/2020

Winter - Tuesday, 1/21/2020 - Sunday, 4/26/2020

The NTC Spring Session, which was scheduled to begin on May 4 has been canceled. (last updated: 5/28/20)

Please check periodically for updates at

The above dates are subject to change.

Match Play

In our competitive training program, we offer an exclusive match play. The players in this program can qualify for this important game-building opportunity to participate in the weekly organized competition under the coaches’ supervision:

Free match play is offered to Feed the Feeder, Feed the Feeder Plus, Academy (all), Feeder, and Elite, with the enrollment in a minimum of two instructional programs per person. Please refer to separate information for the schedule. The free match play registration will be canceled if the player does no-show two consecutive weeks.

*To obtain a free Match Play, submit the proof of registration receipt to Advance registration is required, no walk-ins accepted.

Space is limited.

The ages shown here is used as guidance. Updated July 2019.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellation Policy: All program cancellations must be submitted in writing and received by the Programs Office at least 10 days prior to start of class/camp per session to be considered for a refund/credit. There will be no refunds/credits after the program start date. All individual program cancellations or changes will incur a $50 administrative fee. Checks returned by the bank will incur a $30 fee and must be replaced with cash or money order.

Make-up Policy for Programs: Please note that we do not offer makeups, credits, refunds, carryovers, for no-shows, same day cancellations or missed classes. We do offer the students participation in one (1) clinic during or at the end of the current session in lieu of a make up for any one (1) missed class. To qualify to be registered for this one (1) clinic per session, the notice of a student’s absence must be given in writing via email to the “”mail box at least one (1) day in advance of the absence. This student will be offered participation in one (1) clinic offered during or at the end of the current session in lieu of an in-class make up (limited to 1), free of charge. Clinic dates are posted on session flyers and online at

Make-up Policy for Camps: No make ups for any missed portion, days or weeks for summer camp.

Disclaimer for Teaching Programs Enrollment: Participant recognizes the importance of following teachers and coaches instructions regarding training and other USTA NTC rules, and agrees to obey such instructions. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose conduct is deemed by Management to be disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language, or who fails to comply with the rules, terms, and conditions applicable to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center facilities. Court locations and Teaching Pro staff assignments may and will vary during session. Terms and conditions are subject to change at Management's discretion without advanced/prior written notice.

Class/Court Schedules: Classes may be held in the Indoor Training Center on the Hard Courts, or outside on the Field Courts, weather permitting. Court locations and Pro Staff assignments may and will vary during session. Minimum of three (3) students required to start a class.

Waiver: In consideration of his/her participation in a USTA NTC program, Participant hereby acknowledges and knowingly and voluntarily assumes any and all risks of personal injury or property damages which might be associated with tennis, sports conditioning and fitness-related activities. Participant certifies he/she is in good physical condition, sufficient to use the facilities and participate in the program. Participant, on behalf of him/herself, his/her heirs and anyone acting on Participant's behalf, releases, discharges and holds harmless the USTA NTC, USTA, City of New York and their respective officers, directors, employees and representatives (collectively, Releasees) from and against any and all claims arising, directly or indirectly, in connection with Participant's participation in the program or any event related thereto from any cause whatsoever, regardless of whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees (the Released Claims). Participant, on behalf of him/herself, his/her heirs and anyone acting on Participant's behalf, covenants and agrees not to bring or be a party to any legal action or claim against the Releasees from any reason based on any of the Released Claims.

Other: Participant understands that certain USTA NTC programs may involve field trips away from the NTC throughout the duration of the program and that Participant may participate in such field trips. Participant also understands that Participant may revoke permission for a specific trip by written notice that is to be hand delivered to the NTC’s Director of Tennis at least one day prior to the trip.

Participant hereby authorizes any medical assistance or treatment deemed necessary in the event of any injury to Participant while participating in any activity. Participant has appropriate insurance, or, if not, Participant agrees to pay all costs of medical services incurred on his or her behalf.

Participant agrees that USTA NTC and its designees may use Participant's name, voice, photographs, likenesses, biographies, testimonials and statements, and other identification for any purpose relating to USTA NTC activities and advertising and publicizing the USTA NTC and its products and services. Summer camp field trips must be registered on a separate registration form and signed by the parent and/or legal guardian. Seasonal camps: please refer to the cancellation policy that is listed on the appropriate seasonal camp flyer.

Participants in USTA NTC Junior Summer Camp programs also will be required to sign a separate Consent and Waiver Form.

Indoor Training Center Code of Conduct

  1. Check-in and payment is required prior to play.

  2. All players for on-court play must be checked in at front desk prior to play.

  3. A government-issued photo ID is required BEFORE entering the facility.

  4. All guests issued a Visitor Pass must wear and display it while in the facility.

  5. Please do not walk on court until designated time of play.

  6. The use of courts beyond the assigned time will be subject to charge.

  7. Cancellation of court time must be made 48 hours prior to reservation time.

  8. NTC reserves the right to cancel court time or program participation for any cause deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of NTC management.

  9. All play is at your own risk.

  10. Use of foul, abusive, offensive or inappropriate language, gestures or other conduct, and any other inappropriate behavior, with or towards other guests, players, and NTC staff will not be tolerated.

  11. Proper court etiquette is expected at all times.

  12. Proper tennis shoes must be worn on court at all times.

  13. No food or beverages (other than water) is permitted on the courts.

  14. Animals (other than service animals) are not permitted in the facility.

  15. Photography or videotaping is not permitted without express written permission from NTC management.

  16. NTC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  17. Lockers are for day use only. Items left over night in lockers will be subject to removal.

  18. Tennis instruction may be given only by NTC professional staff.

  19. No baskets, hoppers, or carts are allowed on court unless used by NTC professional staff. Players on court may only have a maximum of 6 balls on the court during play.

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