Adult Programs

All players with court reservations and program registrants must fill out a WAIVER & RELEASE (W & R) prior to on-court play. Once completed, the W & R will be valid and held in the profile for 12 months from the date of completion. All players must present a gov't issued picture ID upon arrival.

Beginners, intermediates, and advanced-level players: We have the programs that are right for you.

Sign up for lessons in our state-of-the-art Indoor Tennis Center and watch your game grow from the first session. Our classes are offered evenings and weekends as well as weekday daytime. In addition to instructional group lessons, we also offer 60 Plus Round Robin during the weekday daytime. Please check our "Weekday Daytime" for the available classes.

Our Tennis Programs:

Intro to Tennis 101 (NTC Rating 1.0/1.0S)
New to tennis? No problem! Designed for players with none or limited tennis experience. The focus of this class is learning the rules and basic concepts that are essential to play. Low compression balls are used based on the students’ needs, in order to enhance the experience and allow students to learn skills quickly.

Novice 102 (NTC Rating 1.5/1.5S/2.0S)
This class is a continuation of Tennis 101 for players who can serve, rally and score. Players continue to enhance their fundamentals and overall control. This class will focus on game-based drills and basic court positioning shot placement and doubles strategy.

NTC Rally (NTC Rating 2.0-2.5/2.5S)
The class will emphasize a variety of play-based activities to help students develop playing strategies. Players are able to sustain rallies more consistently. This class is for players that are familiar with basic positions for singles and doubles.

NTC INSTRUCTIONAL – Bronze, Silver, and Gold

We offer a variety of instructional groups. Players are placed in an appropriate group based on their skill level.

  • NTC Bronze (NTC Rating 2.6-3.0/3.0S-3.5S)

  • NTC Silver (NTC Rating 3.1-3.5/4.0S)

  • NTC Gold (NTC Rating 3.6-4.0/4.5S)

NTC Zone

Players in Zone classes are placed in an appropriate groups based on their skill level with emphasis on play.

  • Rally Zone (NTC Rating 2.0/2.5S)

  • Zone (NTC Rating 2.1-3.0/3.0S)

  • Advanced Zone (NTC Rating 3.1 and up)

Drill and Play (NTC Rating 3.1 and up)

Doubles Drill and Play offers the serious tennis player a chance to combine instruction and drills specifically designed for doubles. One hour of doubles focused drills and one hour of match play. Classes are offered based on NTC rating.

Make-up Policy for Programs

Make-up Clinic Policy for Programs: Please note that we do not offer makeups, credits, refunds, carryovers, for no-shows, same-day cancellations or missed classes. We do offer the students who have registered for full session programs one (1) clinic during or at the end of the current session in lieu of a make up for any one (1) missed class. To qualify to be registered for this one (1) clinic per session, the notice of a student’s absence must be given in writing by filling out the Class Absence Notification Form at least 24 hours in advance of the absence. Spaces in clinics are limited. Credits, refunds, or carryovers will not be offered if you are unable to attend the makeup clinic opportunity given or miss more than 1 class. We are unable to accommodate make-ups for the same-day cancelation, no-shows, late cancelation, and any other make-up request outside of our make-up policy. You can find the absence notification form here.

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