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What is an evaluation?
NTC ratings are required for all new students to the NTC in order to register for NTC Tennis Programs. New students to the NTC of all ages and levels - above the beginner level - must be evaluated on the court to obtain an NTC rating. The NTC ratings for juniors and adults are based roughly on the USTA adult NTRP rating system 

Beginner level students will be assigned a beginner NTC rating and can register for an NTC program without first attending an on-court evaluation.

Existing students enrolled in NTC programs will receive an on-court/in-class evaluation as needed. As evaluation spots are limited, existing students are not permitted to register for additional evaluation sessions.

Only new students to the NTC are invited to come out and meet our staff and receive an on-court evaluation. Your NTC rating will be assigned to you immediately following your evaluation for proper placement into our classes.  

Returning students who previously played in our tennis programs more than a year ago may need to be re-evaluated.

Reserve your spot today! Evaluation spots are limited

*Evaluation sessions are held throughout the year. Advanced reservations and full profiles required for all evaluation appointments.

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As a reminder, space is limited, appointment only, no walk-ins accepted. Please contact our guest specialist at 718-760-6200 ext. 0 to schedule an evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What it means to have an NTC Rating and why you need one.

Q: What is an evaluation?

A: NTC evaluations are a process for new students to obtain a required NTC Rating, which ensures appropriate class placement. Learn more about evaluations on our website.

Q: Who is eligible for an evaluation appointment?

A: Eligible students are those of all ages and levels and who are new to the NTC above the beginner level. Returning students who have not played at the NTC in over a year are also eligible for an evaluation appointment.

Q: How do I schedule an evaluation appointment?

A: You can review our current offerings for evaluation times on our website. Once you have identified the best date/time for your schedule, please call our front desk at (718) 760-6200 ext. 0 and a guest specialist will assist you with coordinating an evaluation appointment. NOTE: prior to registering, you will need to have created a profile on our website.

Q: How much does an evaluation cost? How long does it take?

A: Evaluations are completely free. Appointments last approximately 15-20 minutes on court.

Q: I’ve booked my evaluation. What happens next?

A: You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your evaluation time with a tennis racquet and proper tennis attire. NOTE: Due to high demand, we may not be able to accommodate students who arrive late. 

Q: Where do I go when I arrive at the center?

A: On arrival, come to the front desk in the lobby of the Chase/Indoor Training Center, which is adjacent to Parking Lot B (free parking available). Need directions? Click here. Upon arrival at the NTC, please check in at the front desk and you will be directed to your court by our staff. Once on court, the instructors will run you through a series of drills to assess your skills. 

Q: What happens after I receive my NTC Rating?

A: After your evaluation concludes, you will be given a slip that shows your assigned NTC Rating, which you can use to register for the appropriate class level online.

Q: Can I reschedule my evaluation if my schedule changes?

A: Yes. If spaces are available, our front desk staff will assist you with rescheduling. Please call our front desk guest specialists at (718) 760-6200 ext. 0 if this applies to you.

Q: What should I do if I cannot attend any of the provided free evaluation dates? Is there another option to obtain an NTC rating?

A: While we offer free regularly-scheduled evaluation appointments, you can also receive an evaluation by booking a private lesson with one of our tennis professionals. 

Q: I’m brand new to the NTC and have never played tennis before. If I don’t have a NTC Rating, can I register for a program?

A: Yes, if you are a beginner and are brand new to the sport of tennis, you do not need an evaluation for our introductory programs. Instead, our staff will assign the beginner level rating to your profile. These include: Red Ball, NTC Youth, and Intro to Tennis 101. Please send an email to NTCprograms@usta.com if this applies to you.

Q: I’m brand new to the NTC and have some tennis experience. If I don’t have a NTC Rating, how can I register for a program?

A: If you are brand new to the NTC but are not a beginner with the sport of tennis, you will need to receive a NTC Rating prior to registering. You can do so by scheduling an evaluation or a private lesson.

Q: I’ve been playing at NTC for a while and want a new rating. How can I do that?

A: Existing students (those who have played here within the last year) are not eligible for evaluation appointments. Existing students enrolled in a program will receive an on-court/in-class evaluation as needed. 

Q: Does my rating at other tennis facilities carry-over to the NTC?

A: No. The NTC uses its own rating system based on the needs and goals of our patrons. We cannot provide judgment on how other facilities rate their players.

Q: Is my NTC Rating the same as my NTRP Rating?

A: No. While our rating system may appear to be similar to NTRP, it is only based roughly on the USTA adult NTRP system. The NTC Rating system is a benchmark system based on the student population at the NTC.

All players with court reservations and program/evaluation registrants must fill out a WAIVER & RELEASE before entering the facility.  View Now >>>

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